Jennifer Werland

Executive Director

I’ve always been an animal-lover since I was a little girl. Raised on a small ranch just north of Houston, you could find me amongst the livestock with a dog at any given time of the day. My career focus took me down a very different path most of my adult life. In 2008 I felt I needed a break from my career and was granted the privilege to work at DOCPAC as Director of Animal Services. It wasn’t long before I knew what my calling was, and my love for the animals could not be surpassed. Life is how “we” see it and what “we” make it. Everyone goes through trials and life tribulations, some more intense than others, and l understand better than many that life is short and it is precious. With such a strong heart felt passion for animals, as the new Executive Director of the shelter, DOCPAC has given me the opportunity to better the lives of those who cannot speak.

Jennifer during a ceremony for distinguished donors.
Presents for Pets with the team.

Featured Tools & Tips

Foster Care

Thank you for your interest in our foster care program! To become a DOCPAC foster parent, the first step is completing our Dog or Cat Foster Application.

Lost & Found Tips

As soon as you notice that your pet is missing, talk to your family members or housemates and ask when they last saw your pet.